How To Find The Best Earplugs For Sleeping With A Snorer can be a serious problem for many people. Not only is it annoying but the effects of snoring on the person and others around them can also have negative consequences. Those who snore may also suffer from sleep apnea, which means they do not get a good night’s sleep and are constantly tired, irritable, possibly not safe when driving or operating machinery and can be more liable to suffer heart attacks and strokes. Sleeping partners of snorers get woken by the noise made and may have to sleep in separate rooms. Some snorers make such loud noises that they can even wake the neighbors!

It would be nice to think that the snorer could wear earplugs to stop them snoring but unfortunately, that is not possible, so it is usually the sleeping partner of the snorer who has to consider whether to buy earplugs in order to get a reasonable sight’s sleep. But what earplugs to buy?

Some reviewers say that while there aren’t many negatives about buying earplugs, there are some that don’t want to buy them, possibly because they don’t like the idea of using earplugs. So should you buy earplugs for sleeping with a snorer? There are pros and cons, as with many things.

Most earplugs for sleeping with a snorer are designed to reduce the noise reduction rate by at least 32 decibels and some reviewers agree that this is the best reduction rate. There are many different types of noise reduction rates, ranging through low, medium, and high. The idea behind the decibel level is that lower numbers equate to less noise reduction, possibly still allowing sleep disturbance from the snoring, however, this may be useful or necessary for someone who needs to hear other sounds, such as a child crying, for instance. If you do not need to consider whether you would be able to hear other necessary sounds, you’ll likely want to get ones that fall in the high decibel range, rather than ones that are rated too low, so you are less likely to be disturbed by any snoring noises from your sleeping partner.

Another point is, that you should not always go for the cheapest pair of earplugs for sleeping with a snorer. They may not be of any use at all. Rather, if cost is a factor, focus on earplugs that have noise reduction rates of at least 16 decibels. Some of the more expensive pairs of earplugs for sleeping with a snorer may come with a higher decibel reduction, but it will cost you. There’s really no reason to spend a few hundred dollars on a pair of earplugs for sleeping with a snorer if you can buy them at an affordable price just with a lower noise reduction level, provided it is sufficient to allow you to sleep while your partner is snoring. If you can afford it, then you can probably justify spending a little bit more on the best earplugs for sleeping with a snorer.

There are two main kinds of earplugs to choose from, those that plug straight into the ear and those that are moldable before use, to fit your ear exactly. It is unlikely that you will find earplugs that look like headphones as these could be uncomfortable when sleeping, though some people may play music through headphones to cancel out the sound of snoring.

The main thing to consider is how the effect of an earplug in your ear all night will make your ear canal feel in the morning. This may be one of the reasons some people do not want to wear ear plugs. But persist here. Not all ear plugs are the same. There are very spongy ones, which may be better for those with small ears and there are firmer ones which may suit those with larger ears better. People with jaw problems may also need to make sure they have the softer, spongy plugs. These types of ear plugs need to be twisted up thin in order to go into your ear but then they unfurl and expand to fit it tightly.

Waterproof earplugs are made with materials that allow them to keep out water and keep the wearer completely protected. Earplugs of this type can be worn while sleeping, as well as when swimming and many of them can be used more than once, making them more economical. Waterproof earplugs are generally very durable and lightweight, and are perfect for people who spend a lot of time in vehicles, or who participate in sports or who work outside and who need noise reduction during the day, not just when sleeping.

Whatever your need, you can find an earplug that will give you the protection you need to get a good night’s sleep.